Monday, August 12, 2013

Have You Read CLASSIC MOVIES? If so, THANKS!!!

Just an update on my debut book on classic movies, CLASSIC MOVIES: 14 Films You May Not Have Seen, But Should, which features some hidden gems that classic movie lovers may or may not have seen.  As of this writing, it has consistently been in the top 3 (often in the #1 slot) in its sales category and had a very positive reception among classic movie fans.

It is available on Amazon's Kindle but can be accessed even if you don't own the eReader.  Just download the free Kindle app to your smartphone (both Android or iPhone), iPad, tablet or personal computer.  Here is the link for the free app download:

If you haven't had the chance to check it out it is less than the price of a Happy Meal or a coffee shop latte ($2.99) and if you are a member of Amazon Prime you can borrow it for FREE!  From Pre-Codes like The Story of Temple Drake (1933) with Miriam Hopkins (pictured above) to the colorful charm of Margie (1946), many genres are covered and enjoyed.



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