Sunday, June 6, 2010


With the passing of Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the summer season is upon us and the sultry heat and lush atmosphere of the approaching solstice is sumptiously displayed in a few photos from heatwaves of the past, featuring some of Hollywood's most gorgeous female players. Above, buxom brunette bombshell Ava Gardner showed she knew what fun in the sun was all about, and looked amazing doing it. This picture was made about the time she was married to Mickey Rooney.....lucky boy, that Mick.

Beautiful Linda Darnell was no stranger to the cheesecake department. Her raven haired exotic beauty made her one of the most popular stars at 20th Century Fox in the 1940's.

Blonde and leggy Betty Grable is taking in the sun, surf and sand while catching up on her news........or checking out the most recent racing form.

Lovely Jeanne Crain, poolside, showing off her curves aplenty. Hard to believe this woman ended up having seven children.

Screwball cutie Carole Lombard, aka Mrs. William Powell AND Clark Gable, is reclined and refined. Not the typical swimsuit model type, Lombard had a face and figure to match even the most well known pin-ups.

One of Hollywood's coolest cucumbers in the 1940's, comely Gene Tierney is the picture of summer glamour in this fantastic shot. No wonder JFK and half of Hollywood fell for her.

Marvelously mellow Marilyn Monroe is ripe and luscious as a any summer fruit in her white one piece. Stunning.


  1. Rupert, for obvious reasons, this is your best column yet! A classic.

  2. I do love the Summer!!!!!

  3. Great pics of the girls! Especially Ava. That is one picture that I do not have in my collection!

  4. Wasn't excited about summer until just now! Thanks for the post!



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