Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can You Guess Who This Is?

Can you guess who am I? Surely you know me. No hints, just check out the gleam in my eye.


  1. Keep those guessing coming folks.....

  2. If you'd had comment moderation, I would have warned you that it is possible to cheat. As you don't, there's no way someone else is going to beat me to it!

    I'm getting the surname Osborne....

    And I'm still none the wiser.

  3. I was going to guess Robert Culp before I cheated.

  4. Isn't that Robert Osbourne from around the time he was on the Beverly Hillbillys?

  5. Yes indeed! Whether you cheated or not, those of you who said Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies fame are right! And Tristan, you get bonus points for mentioning his stint on the pilot episode of THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES....though I think this was snapped a few years later.

  6. This is too funny! He was a cutie. I have listened to the podcast where R.O. talked about his brief acting career.Lucille Ball suggested that he forget about acting. He worked for DESILU and then he pursued a writing career with THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Kudos to Tristan. Good job Rupert!!I want to see that episode of THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES.

  7. You've said who he is and I've still no idea who he is!?... (as you may have guessed my perplexity on this issue extends to how to punctuate my own comment)

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