Sunday, January 3, 2010


As the new year begins, it is not only a time to start new diet and exercise plans (good luck on those), new regimens that make one feel better mentally, spiritually and emotionally, but also a time to enjoy even more great classic films. With the winter solstice barely passed, there is a two and a half month span before the spring equinox, a perfect time to stay in and enjoy a great old movie.

Thanks to wonderfully generous and thoughtful friends and family members, the film collection from which I draw my inspiration for the material written on Classic Movies Digest has grown substantially this past year. With that said, I hope to share even more great film information, observations and discussion with the readers of this blog regarding both our well known favorites as well as many of the more obscure, but just as wonderful gems, yet to be discovered by many.

One special event that I'm excited about is a Classic Movies Digest Readers Choice post which will be detailed later in the month. I hope everyone will take part as I look forward to your input. Some other topics coming in the next few weeks are a final update on the 13 Classic Movies I've Never Seen...But Really Want To and posts discussing two of my personal favorite films.

I'd like to again thank all the loyal readers of Classic Movies Digest for their support and participation in 2009 and look forward to even more classic movie fellowship in 2010. Drop me a line at and let me know if there is something you see that might improve this blog or its contents or just say Hi. Also, follow me on Facebook if you are so inclined. I always enjoy meeting other classic movie lovers. Happy New Year!


  1. I'm looking forward to another year of classic movies and your own insights and thoughts about them!

  2. Keep'em coming, Rupert! Looking forward to your update of movies you haven't seen. Heck, I look forward to ALL your blogs!

  3. Thanks so much Tristan and Pat...oh, btw, the checks are in the mail.... ;)

  4. ok, a little late...but hope next year will bring happyness and a lot of new never seen classic movies to you (hoping You'll have the time to see all of them).



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