Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"The Women" Revisited

Thirty-two years after the debut of the classic comedy The Women, two of its co-stars, silver screen divas Paulette Goddard and Joan Crawford, greet one another at a soiree in 1971. Word has it that Joan and Paulette were much closer on the set than Joan was with MGM rival Norma Shearer.

Joan was already a veteran in Hollywood when The Women was produced, while Paulette was just on the cusp of stardom. By all accounts, director George Cukor had his hands full with his all female ensemble. Could you imagine being a fly on the wall of that set everyday?


  1. Love The Women...great film. Nice post too and pics.

  2. Oh yes indeed - I must say, I adore the picture of Paulette and Joan.

    'The Women' is an amazing film :)

  3. I was pretty sure Joan and Norma didn't like each other due to Joan having worked as Norma's stand-in when she first began her career. I think Norma treated her like dirt and Joan never forgot it.
    Joan preferred to help younger actresses because of the way she was treated so early on.

  4. I just thought these pictures were superb and not ones seen in the mainstream often, if at all. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  5. I watched The Women this morning, too! It's such a catty joy! ... and I was so glad to be able to rinse the bad taste in my mouth after seeing the remake.

    I adore that shot of them walking down the backlot LOL. They look like they're on a mission ... in gowns.

    Your article is such fun ... didn't you write about The Women once before?

  6. Yes Tristan, I have written about it before and will most definitely write about it again, as there is so much to say about that delightful classic movie.

  7. Rupert, you can never say too much about The Women. I ADORE the movie.

    Love the first pic in your post. Never seen it before and Joan and Paulette are still stunning!

  8. When the publicity shots for "The Women" were arranged, Laszlo Willinger, who was doing the shots, found himself waiting for Shearer and Crawford, who were late to arrive. They were both driving around the studio endlessly in their chauffeured limos, neither one being willing to arrive first. The head of publicity had to stand in the way and stop them, making them go in. Goddard was already there, and even tho the shoot was not in formal wear, Rosiland Hussell had showed up in an evening gown, just to one-up everyone. Willinger got very little cooperation from Shearer or Crawford, and consequently most of the close-ups were of Paulette Goddard, the new girl who didn't have any axes to grind.

  9. joan never liked her shearer dam good actress



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